Murieta Spring Classic at MEC

March 29, 2016

After warming up at some schooling shows--Rudy Leone always puts on great competitions that are ideal for preparing horses and riders for success--the show team at Dreamland headed out to Rancho Murieta for our first rated show of the season! We joined Tim Postel at his beatiful facility for a great three day show, followed by a fun $10 day on Easter Sunday.


As always, we need to start with Bugsy! After competing successfully in the 2nd Year Green Hunters last year, Halladio and Andrea are now setting their sights towards hunter derbies. Bugsy was excited to see all of his fans as he stepped into the show ring, and by the time the Foxfarms Hunter Derby came around, he was ready to show off. The pair put in two solid rounds in the mid to high 70s, and finished 8th! They are now qualified for the Foxfarms Hunter Derby finals at the Autumn Classic this year!


Pedro, known at the shows as "Raider," was stoked on life as he stepped back into the show ring. A true competitor, he was getting bored at home and was ready to be back in the spotlight. Pedro didn't disappoint, winning half of the classes in his division, securing a Champion ribbon in the 1.10m jumpers. He and Nicole finished their classes with the Murieta Spring Stake class Saturday night, and flew around double clean against some quick competitors. Pedro finished 4th and we couldn't be prouder of him! Pedro is available for sale, find him here.


Lactic and Meagan were able to work their classes around Meagans work schedule, and did a great job! The pair rocked the Jr/AO Hunters with a few wins, easily claiming Champion in the division!


Katie, "Ekaterina," got to come with us to the show to gain more experience in the show ring, and that she did! She stepped into the .80-.85m and .90-.95m jumper classes and blew the competition away. Smooth, quick, and clean, Katie claimed almost all firsts and seconds in her classes. There was no question to her winning Champion in both of those divisions! Katie is currently for sale at Dreamland, find her information here. Although she is clearly a successful jumper, Katie also has hunter experience, winning year end 8th place in Adult Amateur Hunters (3') for SAHJA in 2016.


Salto and Lauren Lafferty just keep getting better every time they compete! After a successful year in the 2'6" ring last year, the two are stepping up to 2'9" and looking great! They also rode in both Foxfarms Hunter Derbies last weekend, challenging them to step into the main hunter ring and compete against juniors, amateurs, and trainers. On Saturday, they just barely missed the cutoff for the second round, but we were so happy with Laurens riding and Saltos attitude! On Sunday, they were ready for business, claiming 5th place overall!


Lauren also had the opportunity to ride Figgy, "Vintage Country," along with Donette! Figgy has proven to be such a good boy at home, and he was equally perfect at the show! Lauren and Donette both gave him good rides, and we could tell that he had a lot of fun to be back in the show ring!


Thanks to Andrea for her incredibly hard work and support! Thanks to Jessica for doing such a great job grooming, and John and Michele for being super supportive show parents! And of course, thanks to Tim and the staff at the show for doing such a great job keeping things running, we had a blast!