Brookside Premier Shows

April 20, 2016

We needed to spend some time at home right after our great week at Murieta, so even though we opted out of the Brookside Warm-Up Show, we were ready to come back and spend two fun weeks at Brookside for the two Premier shows! As always, the team at Brookside always puts on a great show with tons of fun things to do after the long days are done!


As we posted on Facebook, Bugsy, "Halladio," and Splash, "Stillwater Splash," kicked off the show with a bang by winning some extremely tough classes the frist week. We were so impressed with the quality of competition at these shows, and our horses really stepped up to the plate.


Bugsy continued to put in some good rounds throughout the two weeks, and, even though the cold weather perked him up, he finished strong with some great rounds with Marcel. Along with his Modified Jr/Am Hunters, Marcel also won 2nd in the Foxfield Medal! Thanks to Emily, too, for helping Andrea and Marcel with the big spotted horse!


Splash only got better within the two weeks, as he was reintroduced to the show ring after a short break from competition. This little thoroughbred is sometimes dwarfed by the big warmbloods, but he showed off his fantastic jump and great expression and got the best of them! Winning a handful of good ribbons, Splash finished as Reserve Champion in a tough PreGreen division! He was more than ready for Celeste to come show him on Friday, and he didn't disappoint! The two won some great ribbons and Celeste finished the show with a big smile.


Pedro, "Raider," is certainly happy to be back in compeition mode, and had a blast on the courses these two weeks. The bank at Brookside was used in every round in different ways, which gave him something new to pay attention to! He won some good ribbons, and finished Champion 1.10m Jumper, but the really fun part was Debbie getting to come compete in the Amateur Jumpers! Although she hadn't ridden him in quite a while, she did a great job and the two of them put in some great rounds. We were so impressed with how quickly the two of them blended, good job!


Meagan did a super job riding Lactic in her Modified Jr/Am and A/O classes these two weeks, and put in some very nice rounds. The two also won ribbons in some competitive 3' classes earlier in the week, despite having to go first and hurry back to work! Good determination!


Kristie and Kid, "Fortuitous," competed in their first rated show in over a year, and they performed beautifully! Kid was extremely happy to be back in the spotlight, and Kristie has him feeling so good and happy! We look forward to seeing these two back to their former glory in the 3' ring!


Jody had a great time on her three mounts, Feron, Tess, and Ben, aka "Woody Allen." Feron is thinking that this 3' stuff is easy now, and he was great in all of his classes. Jody has worked so hard to turn this dressage horse into a successful hunter, and we couldn't have been prouder of how she rode him!


Ben showed off his skills in his equitation and medal classes with Jody, winning his "warm up" CCEA Medal class! Jody and Ben have spent so much time together that they are so good at the tricky turns required for a fantastic medal round!


Tess was happy to get off the property and to her first show of the year, competing in her pleasure classes. With the wind and the rain, life was a little tough for the poor girl, but Jody did a great job giving her the confidence this green horse needs. Good job!


Malibu was lucky enough to have his owner, Angie, take him to Brookside for the weekend. With his great mindset, he was able to trailer in on Friday night and be ready to show Saturday! He stepped off the trailer and schooled perfectly in the jumper ring, up and down the bank without a care, as the hunter derby finished in the other ring. Without any prep in the morning, or warm up in his show arena, Malibu stepped into the ring as if he had been there all week. Angie rode him very well, and the two ended the weekend with some good ribbons. Malibu is brave to any and all jumps, with auto changes, and he gets down the lines easy. He is currently offered for sale at Dreamland Farms. Find him here.


Manny, "Manhattan," also got a stall for the show and he fit right in! Anyone can view his USEF resume and see that the show ring is his natural habitat, and we got to see firsthand how beautiful he looks in it. Michele had minimal practice on Manny and she rode him very well, regardless of the spring in his step the first day from the crazy wind! Manny is very brave to the jumps, has a big stride and auto changes, and has a super smooth jump from 18" to 3'. He is currecntly offered for sale at Dreamland Farms. Find him here.


Last, but far from least, we had the pleasure of helping Jane and Landillo at this horseshow. Jane found Landillo while he was for sale at Dreamland, and we have had so much fun seeing how much the two of them have grown together! Their first show of the season, Jane competed in the Childrens Hunters, winning great ribbons, including a first in a very tough class. She also put in some good rounds in her Junior Equitation and Hudson & Co Medal, as well as a super round in the Hunter Derby! Great job Jane and Landillo!


Here's an extra shoutout to Emily and her horse Callie, aka "Uptown Funk." Emily found Callie as a 5 year old last year at Dreamland Farms and saw something special. Emily used her skills, along with Sue Lightners guidance at Lightacres to turn this young mare into something spectacular! She put in some beautiful rounds in the 1.10m jumper ring, as well as a competitive round in the tough Hunter Derby!


We can't thank everyone enough for all their help! Gino was so amazing bringing horses and taking them home so that everyone got maximum exposure to the horseshow! The staff at Brookside are always so nice and fun, and the staff running the show put on a great event. Thanks to the guys for all their help, and the family members and friends for all of the great support!