Let's Show! Beach Party at Brookside

June 13, 2016

Once again, Peggy did not disappoint at one of the funnest shows in California! Let's Show Beach Party is always such a hit, and it's not a surprise that it sells out. The staff that puts on this show at Brookside every year is truly incredible, and we cannot thank them enough!

Before I get to the results, we just want to send out a big congratulations to Brian and Megan on their wedding! The two were gracious enough to invite everyone to their beautiful event on Saturday. It was great to see everyone showered and dressed up for a change, and the happy couple looked truly beautiful!

As for the horses, everyone behaved wonderfully! Bugsy and Andrea started the show in their Performance classes, winning some good ribbons. The classes were a great warmup, heading into a fun derby course. At this show, the course designer chose to take down the fence between the two hunter arenas, and include jumps in both! The obstacle was challenging for many experienced horses in the class, but Bugsy and Andrea took a deep breath and got through it! Marcel came out to Elk Grove to ride Bugsy in the Modified Ch/Ad Hunters. These boys put in some great hunter rounds, including a win, but what was very fun was watching them qualify for the NorCal Medal this year! After a proper medal course, and a quick workoff, they finished 2nd, great job! They also ended up Champion in the Modified Ch/Ad Hunters!

Pedro (Raider) was a very good boy this weekend, doing his best to help his riders out! He and Nicole narrowly missed their win in the 1,10m jumpers on Wednesday, but picked up the pace and won the blue ribbon on Thursday! From there, he moved from the open classes to the A/A Jumper classes, but he still claimed Champion!

Lactic and Meagan had some super rounds in the A/O Hunters this weekend. After jumping around the open 3' classes during the week, before having to return to work every day, they competed in the 3'3"s starting Friday, and did a beautiful job, winning Reserve Champion in the A/Os! 

Ben and Jody continue to put in lovely rounds in the A/A Hunters and their Equitation classes. She continues to do a great job with this gelding, and we are always impressed with what the pair can do!

Jody also was fortunate enough to compete on Douwe de Rialfo this week. Douwe is a very experienced equitation mount, so Andrea knew that Jody would have a blast on him! She rode in the 2'9" hunters for warmups, and the 3' medal classes to take advantage of his skills. She was able to figure out his big stride and scopy jump very quickly, and the pair won a few seconds and other great ribbons by the end of the weekend! Douwe is for sale at Dreamland Farms, find him here.

Manny (Manhattan) got to go to his first show with his new owner, Pinky! Manny was offered for sale at Dreamland, and was lucky enough to find his new owner with us! A very talented hunter, he is fitting into our progam wonderfully. Pinky won some good ribbons in the 2'9" hunters, but the biggest win was her 7th in the Palm Tree Equitation class! A class with both juniors and amateurs, it included a flat phase, an over fences phase, and a work-off style phase. Pinky was given a huge compliment from the judge in the final phase, being told that she 'was the only one who excecuted the turn on the haunches properly.' We couldn't be prouder of her!

We were very happy to see Kid (Fortuitous) and Kristie return to the rated show ring and to the A/A Hunter classes. The two put in some very nice rounds in the hunters and pleasure classes, including the win in the Senior Pleasure class! Good job!

Diego is a new horse for sale at Dreamland, and he got to come play at the show. It was a great test for him to see if he was as fantastic at a show as he is at home. He did not dissappoint! On warmup day, he stepped off the trailer and worked in all three arenas with barely a prick of the ear. He won two of his 2'9" Hunter classes, which led to a Champion win in that large division! We also decided to test him out last minute in the Trainer Equitation class, in the arena he hadn't yet competed in. His flat phase showed off his great gaits and counter canter, and he jumped the over fences rounds as if he had shown in the ring a million times. Diego is ovvered for sale at Dreamland Farms, find him here.

The most blues at this show were claimed by Prince (Toile' Royal Prince)! A fantastic medium welsh pony for sale, Prince competed in the Childrens Pony Hunters and a couple pony medal classes. Emilie Bell did a wonderful job catch riding this pretty pony, winning a couple firsts and other ribbons in the hunters, claiming Champion! The two also won the SAHJA Pony Medal and the NorCal Pony Medal classes! Prince is offered for sale at Dreamland Farms, find him here.

Scrappy (White Out) came out to the show to compete with Grace, Marian's daughter. It's not easy to go to a horseshow and catch ride a pony that you have never ridden, but Grace did a great job. Starting in the jumpers, and finishing in the hunters, the pair figured each other out better and better each day. They finished up the show with a second in the SAHJA Pony Medal, after completing a tough course down in the lower ring! Scrappy is for sale at Dreamland Farms, find him here.

Katie (Ekaterina) got to come and ride around at the show as well. She happily steps into each and every arena and jumps whatever you send her to. Katie wil walk around the showgrounds without fear, and has a competitive attitude during her classes. Katie is offered for sale at Dreamland Farms, find her here.

The week was very long and tiring, but we were so happy to finish up with big smiles and lots of ribbons! Thanks again to Bill, Peggy, and everyone else that puts in all the work to make this show so great! We look forward to being back at Brookside in two weeks for the Brookside Splash show!