Giant Steps Charity Show at Sonoma Horse Park

August 8, 2016

Every year, Sonoma Horse Park puts on a beautiful show to raise money for the Giant Steps program, and this year was no different! I can't express how impressed we are at the attention to detail put in to make it such a beautiful show, from fresh painting the jumps, to cleaning up every piece of poop before the competitions get started. The ribbons and prizes are absolutely gorgeous, and the talented riders in the featured classes are truly amazing!

Bugsy had some shining moments with both of his riders last week. He was good in his Performance Hunters with Andrea, but the really fun class to watch was his Derby. The pair obviously stands out--you certainly can't miss Bugsy's spots out there--but they really fit in with the competition! He is jumping beautifully, and the two of them make that tough Main Hunter ring look super easy! Although they missed out on the ribbons, the round was outstanding and we couldn't have been prouder! Marcel showed up for the weekend, and Bugsy continued to shine. They were good in their Amateur Modified Hunters, and finished strong by winning the Jr/Am Modified Hunter Classic! Big thanks to Matt Sereni and Sterling View Farms for sponsoring the class!

Lactic and Meagan were another pair to make that ring look easy! Competing in the Performance Hunters and the A/O Hunters, they were super consistant in their rounds, winning a handful of ribbons in some very competitive classes. Sonoma brings out some extremely talented horses, making the competition tough, but Meagan and Lactic fit in and held their own. Great job!

Splash came to the show last week to compete in his PreGreen Hunters, as well as the Modified Adult Amateur Hunters. He really shines in the PreGreen ring, which was upgraded this year. The jumps in this ring are very beautiful and set to true height, and it really shows off his stunning jump! Celeste came to ride him on the weekend, and was the first to win one of the dinner plate sized champion ribbons! On their first day, she won first, second, and third in her Beginning Equitation classes, winning Reserve Champion. She continued her success by winning good ribbons in the Long Stirrup classes, which led to Champion in that division! She also gained derby experience by competing in the Modified Ch/AA Derby on Saturday. Great job!

We were so happy to see Kim riding her horse, Captain, at this show! The two are extremely competitive in the little jumper ring, even when competiting against the speedy ponies! The two of them know each other very well, and are capable of making the tight turns, and then opening up the stride for the long gallops! They brought home quiet a few ribbons, and won a bunch more points for their ciruit championship!

Lauren once again was lucky enough to have both a hunter and a jumper at this show. She is really doing well on Salto, her hunter that she found through Dreamland Farms. After warming up with some 2'6" hunters the first couple days, including a win with a score of 84, she stepped up to the 2'9" hunter ring and gave Salto the chance to shine. He jumps the height very well, and Lauren is settling into the bigger ring very well! They also competed in the Modified Ch/AA Derby, put in a good round, and finished 5th!

Lauren had the opportunity to ride Sensei, "Sensation," in the jumpers and she is really getting the hang of it! She rode in the .80m and .85m PreChildren's jumpers all week, and learned a lot, and finished strong! Winning many good ribbons, including a first, this horse has taught her how to go around the jumper ring, clean and fast. Sensei is offered for sale at Dreamland Farms, find him here.

Needless to say, we had such a fun time last week and are super proud of everyone! Again, thanks to Ashley and the team at Sonoma for such a great show, we can't wait for next time! Until then, we are headed back home for a week and a half, before a weekend with everyone at Brookside for Wine Country Classic!