Lets Show Halloween & Murieta Autumn Classic

November 8, 2016

As the show year comes to an end for us, we took on Rancho Murieta for one last two week stretch of great shows! The Halloween Show is always a blast, and the Autumn Classic hosts the competitive Horse & Hound Medal Finals. Peggy and Tim, and the rest of the staff get a big thank you for all their hard work.

Week one brought on a bit of difficulty for us, as the storm blew in and basically took away everyone's warm up rings! But if it wasn't for Murieta's many great indoor rings, we wouldn't have been able to get all of the classes in! It was definitely a challenge, but everyone worked hard and got their jobs done!


Lauren and Salto competed in the four phase competition of the Carolyn Day class. Out of a field of 32 talented riders, they finished 6th with some good rounds. Pinky and Manny finished 4th in the Joan Gamble Adult Amateur Classic. A last minute change into the Grand Prix ring could have been a problem, but they rode beautifully and were very deserving of the good ribbon! Maureen and her horse Winston has joined us and we saw such improvement! She had the best attitude in the tough weather, and we can't be prouder of her!


Lauren also brought Atlas to compete in the jumpers on. This sale horse is super for anyone needing to learn the show ring. He is brave, has good changes, and very quiet.

Lauren also got to bring Atlas to the Autumn Classic to gain more experience in the jumper ring. The two worked very well together, and Lauren proved to us she was ready for the 3'! By the end of the weekend, she had won 8th in the Cloverleaf Medal and 5th in the Horse & Hound! Riding two horses helped her greatly, as she took what she learned and put it to use on her horse Salto. We were so impressed by her riding, look out for her next year! Find more on Atlas here.

Jody had already qualified for the Horse & Hound Medal Finals on her horse Ben, and she put in some very nice rounds. Narrowly missing the cutoffs, this year was a very tough competition, but we are super proud of how she rode!

Meagan and Lactic got to join us last week, and they battled the tough smaller hunter ring, but they handled it very well. At the end of the weekend, they had a handful of good ribbons, and a Reserve Champion!

Marcel also came to the show for his Modified Jr/Am Hunter classes, and also had to ride in the small ring. He rode very well, and Bugsy was his usual super, spotted self, and the two also finished with a bunch of good ribbons and a Reserve Champion!

Pedro and Nicole had two super weeks as well, competing on the open days each week. Between riding in the daunting Grand Prix ring, and the muddy outdoor the second week, they put in some super rounds and finished the show year on such a good note!

Thanks to the staff at every show this year! The managers, back gate managers, announcers, office staff, hospitality, and everyone else I might be missing! We want you to know that we so recognize your hard work, and really appreciate it! Thanks to Sergio and all of the guys that have worked long hours at the shows with us, as well as Gino, Francisco, Leo, and our friends that help ride while we are gone! Big thanks to all of the family and friends of us and our clients for making the tough days worth it, and making the easy days even funner! We do our best to make everyone have a good time, and are very thankful of everyone involved with Dreamland Farms! Thank you, and see you next year!