Sonoma Spring Classic & HMI Challenge

May 27, 2017

Now that we have had a few days to catch up on life back at Dreamland Farms, I'm happy to let you all know that we had a very successful two weeks at Sonoma Horse Park! If you haven't been, these shows are always beautifully put together. Special care is taken into making sure that every jump is painted, every flower box is full, and every pathway is swept! We so appreciate all the hard work that the staff put in to make it such a great show.

Halladio, Champesino, Manhattan, Stillwater Splash, Salto, and Callistro all attended the first week. You might be getting tired of me saying this, but all of them were great! Andrea took Halladio in the National Hunter Derby in some pretty frustrating wind, but the two looked great! This was Maureen's first competition with Callistro and we are so proud of her progress! Those in the 2'6" ring better watch out, these two are ready to rock it this year! Salto and Lauren continue to get very nice scores in the 2'6" and 2'9" hunter ring, finishing with two Reserve Champions! Stillwater Splash and Manhattan won some good ribbons in very tough competition in their 3' hunter and equitation classes! These two horses are currently offered for sale at Dreamland Farms!

Everyone returned the following week, and we were joined by Meagan and Lactic and our friends Jackie and Coconut! Once again, all the horses and riders made us so proud! Andrea and Marcel both took Halladio in the Open and Jr/Am Derbies, and he is truly proving to be a gorgeous derby horse! Marcel also got some fabulous scores in the 80s for his Amateur Modified Hunter Champion win! Also in the main hunter ring, Meagan and Lactic stepped into the 3'6" A/O classes and crushed it! The two won some great scores and ribbons, including a win in tough competition, and the two finished Reserve Champion! We were all so excited for her almost all of us shed a tear! Jackie and Coconut trailered in on Thursday night, ready to show on Friday morning and they didn't disappoint! They were Childrens Jumpers Champion!

We are super excited to return in June for the HMI June Classic, but first, Brookside's Beach Party, here we come!