Beach Party, HMI June Classic, & Franktown Meadows

July 1, 2017

Two weeks of shows back to back make for a long time away, especially when they are at two different locations--but they were totally worth it! The Beach Party show at Brookside and HMI June Classic at Sonoma Horse Park were filled with tons of excitement for the Dreamland team!

Brookside welcomed Halladio, Salto, Callistro, Leonte, Polaris A, Feron, Woody Allen, and Tess to this super fun annual show! Who would have thought that what was usually the hottest show of the year would result in a day of rainy weather?! We were lucky not to get a huge downpour, and so the water just settled the dust--no water trucks needed that day! As for the horses, everyone put in some great rounds. We are so happy to have Jody and her horses back in the ring with us this year, and she rode super well! Leonte and Janet haven't shown together in a couple years, but after a few laps around the ring, they kept up with the competition and won some very good ribbons in tough classes! Lauren continues to learn the 3' jumper and equitation rings with sale horse, Polaris A, winning a first and various other ribbons during the week! What was very exciting for this week was her Reserve Champion in the Palm Tree Equitation Classic on her horse Salto! Moving up to the 2'9" ring this year, this pair has really stepped up their game and showed everyone their hard work! Out of almost 50 tough competitors, Lauren put in three great rounds and we were so proud!

On to Sonoma the day after Beach Party ended, Halladio, Lactic, Salto, and Emilia kept the winning streak going! First of all, Andrea and Halladio entered the always difficult Hunter Derby at Sonoma. The competition at this show is always very tough, so just getting into the second round is a huge accomplishment! Andrea didn't disappoint, putting in two good rounds and finishing tenth! Always fun watching that pinto horse in the victory gallop! Marcel came to ride him over the weekend, putting in good rounds that made him finish as Amateur Modified Champion! Celeste took sale horse Emilia to ride in her 2'6" hunter classes, even though she only had a handful of rides on her prior. Showing a horse you don't know very well can be very difficult, but Celeste always has a great attitude and gave it her all, winning some very good ribbons! Meagan and Lactic continue to put in lovely rounds in the 3'6" Amateur Owner Hunters, winning a couple firsts and other ribbons, and claiming Reserve Champion in the 3'3" & 3'6" combined division! Last but certainly not least, Lauren and Salto continue their super rides by winning the 2'6" hunter classic! Big thanks to Grand Pix Photography for sponsoring the class! Between that and getting Champion in the 2'6" Modified Children's Hunters, she earned some time off! Great job!

Last weekend, Andrea took one more chance to compete by taking Halladio up to the Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby! Always very nicely managed and stunningly beautiful, this competition has talented teams to compete with. Poor Andrea caught a bug, but luckily we always have great friends at the shows to help out. Wendy Brownlee--who won 5th in the warmup derby on Coconut Key, "Otis," a talented young horse being leased from us by one of her clients!--was kind enough to catch ride around this difficult field. The two made it into the second round and finished 12th! Great job!

Needless to say, we have had a busy 3 weeks, but we so appreciate the staff and friends and family who always keep these shows fun! Thanks to all!