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Let's Show Beach Party

Early mornings and late evenings are a price we are all willing to pay for this annual horseshow! With multiple handfuls of fun classes for all levels, Beach Party once again gave all of our riders the opportunity to shine in the show rings. We are so proud of their successes and look forward to the rest of the year!

Callistro and Maureen jumped around all three hunter rings for their variety of classes! They continue to learn and grow in the 2'6" hunter ring and also put in some smooth rounds in the Flamingo Equitation class!

Lego and Lauren practiced their jumpers and equitation rounds for the first half of the week before Lauren left for graduation!

Woody Allen and Jody had solid rounds in the hunters and medals, but their shining moment was in the Ken Cohen Palm Tree Equitation class! With three consistent rounds, she was awarded Reserve Champion by her barn mate, Kristie!

Feron and Jody also put in some very nice rounds next door in the 2'6" hunter ring! The two of them continue to grow and learn together!

Zips Carry and Cash and Amy Drake were welcomed with open arms into our barn for this show! This competitive jumper team won some good ribbons and also rode in the Relay Race on Sunday morning!

Conamour and Amy Young were certainly a pleasure to bring with us for the second half of the show, competing in the 3' A/A hunters. With some solid rounds, Amy took home some great ribbons!

Cassl Coeur Z got to come and play in the jumper ring with Nicole for the first couple days, and he was sure happy to be back in the show ring! He is certainly ready to move up and get back to winning with Debbie!

Cameron--offered for sale--joined us for the week so he could get the chance to get off the property and show his stuff! He stepped around the jumper ring, up and down the bank without a problem, and was happy to jump anything in front of him! Cameron is incredibly comfortable and has a lovely big step that can move across the ring quickly and with ease!

Fortuitous had two pilots at this horseshow--Kristie and Kari--and both of them rode him great! Despite not having been to a show for a while, he secured a Champion ribbon in the Modified Ch/AA Hunters!

Privilege also got to come to the show with Kristie and had so much fun stepping around the 2'9" ring!

We were so lucky to have great weather and great people to spend time with at this show, and we couldn't be more grateful! We look forward to returning for the Brookside Splash show!

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