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Almaden Farms Show

Sure enough, the sun beat down hard during this week in July in Elk Grove, but that never stops us from having a great time at the Almaden Farms show at Brookside! Tiring as it was, our horses performed great and our riders stuck out the tough weather!

Woody Allen and Jody put in some very solid rounds during the Almaden Farms Medal Finals! They managed each round very well and finished 4th in a very competitive group!

Feron and Jody continue to put in solid rounds in the 2'6" hunters and pleasure, and finished with a Champion ribbon in Pleasure!

Lego and Lauren competed in all three divisions this show and learned a lot in each! The two worked through a tough open derby, the competitive Almaden Medal Finals, and finished Reserve Champion in the .95m jumpers!

Alpenglow got to come to the show with Bella for the first time, and the two of them continued to step up their game as a team! After starting with the 2'6" hunters, the pair finished 6th in the three part Pam Poulsen 1-2-3 Equitation Class!

Klein--offered for sale--also joined us to ride around the show grounds and learn about the horseshow experience! This 7 year old gelding is very brave to the jumps and has a bright future ahead! We rode him around both hunter rings and he stepped over jumps 2'-3'3"! He is comfortable, has good changes, and is very fun to jump!

As always, big thanks go out to everyone that works so hard to put these shows together!

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