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HMI Classic

It was our first time back at Sonoma Horse Park this year, and we sure did miss it! The jumps are gorgeous, the footing is great, and we must admit we LOVED getting out of the hot weather for a few days!!!

Lactic and Meagan showed up for their first show of the year, but it sure didn't look like it. The two put in some very lovely rounds, winning an Amateur Modified along with some good ribbons in the A/O Hunters and the A/O Hunter Classic!

Lego was joined by Lauren on the weekend and the two not only qualified for the CPHA Medal Finals the day before they were held, but they also secured a 5th place finish in the two part finals class!

Champesino stepped into the jumper ring early in the week, then switched to hunter mode with Kim for the Modified A/A Hunters on the weekend! This pair is one to watch out for as they move up in divisions!

Candalero also came for his first show of the year and he was ready to win! He and Kim rode some very quick rounds in order to secure Champion in the Pre-A/A Jumpers!

Cassl Coeur Z and Debbie were lucky enough to step into the Grand Prix ring, which is always intimidating but fun! After winning their A/A Jumper round Friday, the two finished Reserve Champion and 5th in the A/A Jumper Classic!

Alpenglow competed in all three rings at this show with our friend Bella. Without many rides together, the two of them figured each other out quickly and finished Reserve Champion in the Short Stirrup Equitation on Sunday!

Athina--offered for sale--was lucky enough to come to the show with Marcel to ride in the Low A/A Jumpers. She was happy to help Marcel step back into the jumper ring and the two put in some great rounds that finished 5th in the Low A/A Jumper Classic!

Flying Coconut and Jackie from Skyline joined our team for this show and the two of them did incredible things between the first and last days! They won a couple of good ribbons in some very competitive classes!

We always want to thank everyone who puts on these great shows at Sonoma! The dedication to excellence does not go unnoticed and we are constantly impressed with the beauty of the classes, facility, and competition!

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