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Wine Country Classic

We were lucky enough to take quite a few horses with us to Wine Country Classic this year, and they all blew us out of the water! The weather was lovely--certainly warm later in the day, but the staff kept the show moving so that everyone was done riding by then!

Paddington Station spent the summer with Peyton since Rachel was laid up, and the two of them clearly bonded quickly! They not only won the MDC Stirrups Jr/Am Hunter Derby, but also crossed over and won Champion in the .90m jumpers!

Peyton also rode her own horse, Privilege in the 2'9" hunter divisions. He was very happy to be back in the show ring and they won 4th place in the MDC Stirrups Jr/Am Hunter Derby!

Fortuitous was ridden by his owner Kristie as well as his new friend Kari at this show. He was such a good boy and won Champion in the Modified Child/AA Hunters and Reserve Champion in the A/A Hunters!

Woody Allen and Jody continue to put in very nice rides in the Modified Child/AA Hunters and the Amateur Equitation. They finished Reserve Champion to Fortuitous in the Modified Child/AA Hunters and Champion Amateur Equitation!

Feron had some very solid rounds in some good Low Child/AA Hunters, and finished bringing home two Champion ribbons in Low Child/AA Hunters and USHJA 2'3" Hunters!

Lego and Lauren had a fun show winning ribbons in some very competitive classes! They finished 8th in the MDC Stirrups Jr/Am Hunter Derby, then headed back to jumper land the next day to win Reserve Champion in the MDC Stirrups 3' Jr/Am Jumper Classic!

Callistro and Maureen made some huge strides at this show, winning every single one of their Warm Up classes! They started the week with a Reserve Champion in the USHJA 2'6" Hunters and finished with a 5th place ribbon in the MDC Stirrups Jr/Am Hunter Derby!

Champesino stepped back into the 2'9" hunter ring for the first time this year and put in some very good rounds, both with Andrea and his owner Kim! They won a first and some other good ribbons in some bigger classes and we are very excited to see their future!

Cassl Coeur Z and Debbie continue to put in some impressive rounds in the A/A Jumpers, as well as the 1.15m Jumpers. With a couple of firsts, the two finished Reserve Champion in the combined Childrens/AA Jumpers!

Bounce B, "Bounce"--offered for sale--got to join us at the show with her owner Kathryn! With only a couple recent lessons under them, the two put in some good hunter rounds to finish Reserve Champion in the USHJA 2'3" Hunters! Bounce is a beautiful mare with great breeding, a huge stride, and sweet personality! She has experience in the jumper ring but we are finding she can certainly win in the hunter ring as well! Check her out here!

Caballito, "Graffiti"--offered for sale--was lucky enough to come to the show with Kari to compete in the jumpers and medals! Graffiti hasn't been with us for very long, so Kari was a new rider for him, but her good riding combined with his fabulous demeanor won them Reserve Champion in the Low Child/AA Jumpers! Graffiti is big, beautiful, and talented with experience up to the 1.30m jumpers. He has a great look in the ring and is very comfortable, making him a very suitable prospect for the big equitation classes! Check him out here!

Without a doubt, we always have a great time at this show! Thanks to MDC Stirrups and Brookside for hosting so many great evenings!

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