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Autumn Classic

As we wrap up our show season, we were truly looking for a good time--and we got it! Tim and his staff made this show SO much fun for us, and we can't thank them enough!

Woody Allen and Jody stuck with the 3' Medals to end the season. The two of them put in some very nice rounds in the Horse & Hound finals, as well as the NorCal 3' Medal!

Feron and Jody had their usual 2'6" hunter classes, along with a marathon of English Pleasure classes! Some good riding and super behavior claimed the English Pleasure Champion and Low Child/Adult Hunters Champion!

Fortuitous came to the show to compete with Kristie and Kari in the hunters, pleasure, and Leadline! He was such a good boy in everything, even finishing with a Pre Child/Adult Hunter Championship!

Alpenglow and Brittney returned to the show ring after a couple weeks to challenge themselves with a new venue. The two of them put in some nice rounds and came home with plenty of good ribbons!

Lego was quite the rockstar of the Autumn Classic, winning the Autumn Classic Jumper Stake one day, and riding in the spooky FoxFarms Derby with Lauren the next night! The two continued to put in good rounds for the Horse & Hound Medal finals, winning Champion in round 2, and rounding out the weekend with a Leadline class!

Bounce B, "Bounce,"--offered for sale--came to the show with Kathryn to gain experience and see her in a new venue! The small ring at Murietta can be a tad spooky, but she stepped around it like a pro, and she and Kathryn came home with some good ribbons! Bounce is pretty and has experience in the hunter and jumper rings. Find more information on her here.

Flipper de Vie, "Flipper,"--offered for sale--headed with us so that we could see his talent in the show ring, and he certainly didn't disappoint! He won half of his classes, winning Champion in the .90-.95m Jumpers! Flipper is very brave, and even schooled in the main indoor hunter ring without an ounce of concern! He has a quiet mind, auto changes, and big step. Find more information on him here.

Amore Kabo, "Finn,"--offered for sale--is a pretty gelding that also joined us for the week. After winning some good ribbons early in the week, he also won one of his Low Child/Adult Hunter classes with Lauren! Finn has auto changes and is brave to hunter and jumper type fences! Find more information on him here.

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