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Let's Show Halloween

When we headed to the Halloween show at Murietta this year, we made sure to invite all our friends! We had so many riders with us at this show--both experienced champions, and first timers! Running between 6 rings once the weekend started was certainly a bit crazy, but everyone did a great job keeping track of their rings so we made it all work!

Feron and Jody kept themselves busy with all of the 2'6" hunters and English Pleasure classes! They won a handful of good ribbons, including a first in the Amateur Equitation Flat Championship class!

Lego rocks multiple rings, as usual, winning a .95m and 1.10m jumper class, and carrying Lauren to a win in the SAHJA Mini Medal!

Cassl Coeur Z continues to win good ribbons in his 1.10m and AA classes with Debbie. The two of them finished up Reserve Champion in the 1.10m division!

Callistro came to the show feeling fabulous with a fresh haircut and some well deserved time off! His extra energy paid off by winning USHJA 2'6" Hunters Reserve Champion and partnering with Maureen to win 9th in the Enchanted Farms Low Child/Adult Classic!

PAS Caruso, "Uzo"--offered for sale--got to come with us to another venue to show off his stuff in the hunter ring! He stepped around the big spooky indoor ring like a pro and won some good ribbons in the USHJA 2'9" hunters! Uzo is a 6 year old gelding with a very quiet mind that can excel in the hunter or jumper ring! He is brave and has a great big step that gets down the lines easily! Find more information on him here.

Lamson--offered for sale--made his hunter/jumper debut at this intimidating show, but he performed beautifully! He won good ribbons in the competitive open divisions, then paired up with Olivia to help her enjoy her first rated show in years! The two of them rode from one end of the show grounds to another, winning Champion in the Beginning Child/Adult Hunters division and 10th in the tough Enchanted Farms Low Child/Adult Classic! Find more information on him here.

Tyler--offered for sale--doesn't have much recent show experience, but he proved himself at home by being kind and brave to everyone that sits on him! After winning a pair of seconds early in the week, Ella joined us to ride in her very first show! Halloween can be an intimidating competition, but she handled it very well and the two of them won some good ribbons! Tyler is quiet, brave, and very cute! Find more information on him here.

Sir Teddy, "Teddy"--offered for sale--came to the show to help Lauren gain more experience in the jumper ring one more time! He couldn't have cared less about flip flopping between the two jumper rings, and Lauren even got to put her whites on to win a 4th place ribbon in the big ring for the Red Horse Jumper Classic! Teddy is simple, fun, and couldn't hold a grudge if he tried! Find more information here.

Bunbury Coral, "Coral," was a last minute addition but we were so happy to have her around! She was just going to get to play around with Olivia for the Halloween Costume Contest, but she ended up getting to step in the show ring with Blair to do the cross rails! It wound up being such a great experience for both of them!

We had such a blast not only watching our horses and riders, but also watching those that have been through our barn excel! Salto won the Low Child/Adult Classic, Zico, Bam Bam Z, Faunti, Philadelphia, and Hollywood all caught our eyes around the showgrounds! Great job to all, and big thanks to Peggy and the team around the showgrounds!

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