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Northern Winter Classic III & IV

The rain and wind wasn't about to stop us from kicking off our show season with a bang! Thanks to the indoor rings and organized management of Tim and his team and Murieta, we were still able to have a great time during our two weeks there!

Callistro and Maureen started the year after a winter of awesome riding, that truly showed itself in the ring! After shaking off some show season nerves, the two of them put in a bunch of good rounds in the USHJA 2'6" and Low Ch/Ad hunters in some BIG classes!

PAS Caruso--offered for sale--was tested in both the hunter and jumper rings and handled the bad weather quite well! Moments of wind and rainfall challenged this young horse, but he has such a great head on his shoulders that he still came home with a couple of blue ribbons from his USHJA 2'9" hunters, and a bunch of other ribbons from the .80-.85m jumpers!

Vivid--offered for sale--also came to prove to us how he behaved in the show ring. He surely did not disappoint, putting super rounds in the 1.00m jumpers, and also winning great ribbons with Lauren Lafferty in the Junior Equitation!

Bounce B--offered for sale--and Kathryn made some big strides this show, stepping up to the .90-.95m jumpers! The two won some good ribbons and they made us so proud as they finished the week!

Woody Allen and Jody continue to put in beautiful rounds in the Pre Child/Adult Hunters and a win in the Almaden Medal. However, their shining moment was in the Jr/Am Derby Challenge in the big indoor AND under the lights, where they won Reserve Champion!

Feron also competed with Jody, finishing with great ribbons in all of his USHJA 2'6", Low Child/Adult Hunters, and Pleasure classes!

Don Ole is a new addition to our barn with owner Nicola, and although she wasn't ready to get back to riding, she sent this cute gelding for Nicole to test out. He didn't care about the spooky weather, put in some awesome rounds, and finished with Reserve Champion in the USHJA 2'6" hunters!

Finally, Flipper de Vie--offered for sale--also had the opportunity to come to the show with Kathryn. After stepping back into the 3' hunter ring with Nicole after a few years in jumpers, he partnered up with Kathryn for the Low Child/Adult Hunters and the two of them won some great ribbons, despite having never shown together!

On to the last week of Northern Winter Classics we went, and the weather chose to make a repeat of NWC III! Wednesday and Thursday were certainly a challenge, but our horses rose to the occasion, and we were all happy to see the sun on the weekend!

Bounce B--offered for sale--and Kathryn returned to the jumper ring for their second week. Both learned a lot and finished the week with a bunch of good ribbons!

Woody Allen and Jody returned for their Pre Child/Adult Hunters and put in some solid rounds. Amongst tough competition, the two of them worked their way around a tough Jr/Am Derby Challenge course and finished with an 8th place ribbon!

Feron also came back with Jody, stepping up his game a hair to improve on last weeks success! The two continued to complete some good rounds and their ribbons certainly proved the improvement!

Don Ole also came back with a hunger for that Champion ribbon! He rode even better than the first week, taking home 4 blue ribbons and that tricolor champion in the USHJA 2'6" hunters!

Lauren was lucky enough to bring her own horse, Lego, this week, and she did a great job working him around for his first show of the year! He was certainly happy to be back to business, and she rode some great rounds, winning a Jr Equitation round, the Cloverleaf and Horse & Hound Medals!

Flipper de Vie--offered for sale--also came back, but this time got to play a little more in the jumper ring! After starting the week with a win in the .90-.95m jumpers, he got braided up and returned to the Low Child/Adult Hunters and the .80-.85m jumpers with Kathryn and the two of them made some big improvements!

Kairo--offered for sale--was able to come to compete with Brittany. After showing on another horse all last year, Kairo had big shoes to fill for her, and he didn't disappoint! He schooled in the 1.00m jumpers before competing in the Low Child/Adult Hunters and Equitation on the weekend where he and Brittany won 2 hunter rounds, and also finished Reserve Champion in the Low Child/Adult Equitation!

Last, but certainly not least, Vivid--offered for sale--came back as a catch ride for our friend Kiera, riding with Kelly Maddox. Kiera wanted a horse for the jumpers, and after seeing Vivid perform the first week, we knew she would have fun! She put in some awesome rounds, brought home great ribbons, and finished Reserve Champion in the .90-.95m jumpers!

Needless to say, we are so happy with our horses and riders for how they started off the year! Thanks everyone for a great show, and we'll see everyone at Brookside in a couple weeks!

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