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Brookside Premier & Premier II

The weather tried to keep us away from Brookside, unfortunately cancelling the three day warmup show prior. But we headed into week 1 with full force, and we're so glad we did! The staff running the show could NOT have done a better job keeping track of the weather and making sure the show ran smoothly so that no one would have to ride in poor conditions! The office staff moved classes around to shorten the show days with rain in the forecast, the back gate and ring crew made sure the rings kept moving, and the footing was taken care of so no one had to risk their horses slopping around in a mucky arena!

Lego and Lauren continue to practice in the jumper ring, but had a goal for the Derby and equitation classes, allowing them to bring home a bunch of ribbons in the hunter and eq rings! That being said, they continued to shine in the jumper ring, bringing home their first Champion ribbon together in the .95m jumpers!

Callistro and Maureen continue to put in good rounds for the 2'6" hunters, and always come home learning something new! The two of them finished a good week with an 8th place ribbon in the competitive Disneyland Derby!

Woody Allen had a late start to the week, saving his talent for the weekend! Putting in solid rounds in the hunters and equitation, he and Jody came home with Reserve Champion ribbons in both Modified Ch/Ad Hunters and Amateur Equitation!

Feron also partnered up with Jody to put in some incredible rides in the 2'6" ring! They came home with Champion ribbons in Training Hunters, Pleasure, and USHJA 2'6" Hunters!

Don Ole came once again to practice his rounds in the show ring before he gets to wow everyone with his owner! Despite the stormy weather, he won top ribbons, including some blues and a Reserve Champion in Training Hunters!

Dirk--offered for sale--came along for the ride to compete with our friend, Kiera, riding with Kelly Maddox! After winning some blue ribbons in the 1.00m jumpers with Nicole, Kiera showed up on the weekend and put in more good rounds in the jumpers, but realized how much fun she could have in the equitation and hunters! The two of them won some great ribbons, and even made it into the second round of the Derby with some tough competition! Dirk has tons of experience, is very brave to the jumps, with easy changes and a big step. He gets top ribbons in the hack and judges LOVE him! Find more information on him here.

Week 2 brought a little more security with the weather, but the staff was still able to make the days go by quickly! Nothing dragged on forever, and the competitors and crew responded very well to the sun!

Callistro and Maureen came back, improving big time on the last week! The two of them brought home a couple blue ribbons, claiming Reserve Champion in the Low Ch/Ad Hunters, as well as a 3rd place finish in the Disneyland Derby! Wow!

Woody Allen and Jody again waited until the weekend to strut their stuff! They put in even better rounds than last week, claiming another Reserve Champion in Modified Ch/Ad Hunters, but stepping up to Champion in Amateur Equitation!

Feron and Jody continued to rock it in the 2'6" ring. Not only did they win Champion in Low Ch/Ad Hunters, Pleasure, and USHJA 2'6" Hunters again, but they also got Reserve Champion in the Training Hunters!

Lego and Lauren came back, once again putting some focus on their hunter and equitation goals. They certainly didn't disappoint! They narrowly missed the cutoff for round two in the Derby, but still came home with Reserve Champion in Children's Hunters and Junior Equitation, as well as Champion in 1.10m jumpers and Reserve Champion in 1.05m jumpers from the two warmup days!

Dirk came back this week, this time with Lauren to ride. We were so impressed with this horse that when she asked if she could bring a second horse, we immediately thought of him! Lauren was lucky enough to get to bring him, and not only won 4 out of the 5 Childrens Hunters classes (the one she got second in, she only got second to her own round on Lego!) claiming Champion in the division, she also got to compete in the second round of the derby!

Our horses weren't the only ones winning this second week--thanks to the combined efforts of the Dreamland team, we once again won the Annual Brookside Chili CookOff! Thanks Bill for arranging such a fun event, along with all of the other great dinners offered during the weeks! We always appreciate all the hard work that goes into these shows, and can't wait to come back for Beach Party!

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