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Beach Party

This is one warm weekend that is always jam packed with horses, classes, costumes, and flamingos! The famous Beach Party show has come and gone in 2019, and although we only had a handful of horses, they certainly made Dreamland Farms proud!

Leanora, "Lea,"--offered for sale--came for the first couple days to compete in the 1.00m jumpers to show us her stuff in the show ring! Coming home with some good ribbons, she proved her amazing bravery and competitive speed! Lea is beyond fun, with a big step, plenty of jump, and is gorgeous to boot!

Woody Allen and Jody Randolph took a shot in the insanely competitive Ken Cohen Palm Tree Equitation Classic class, along with their Amateur Equitation and Modified Ch/AA Hunters. After three tough rounds, the two of them came home with a 6th place ribbon in the huge featured class!

Callistro and Maureen continue to rise in the ranks in their Low Adult Amateur Hunter classes! Bringing home a bunch of good ribbons, including a first in a big class, the two learned a lot and look forward to winning a bunch more!

Don Ole not only competed successfully in the USHJA 2'6" Hunters, where he won Reserve Champion, but he also finally got to compete with his owner Nicola! The two picked out some flat classes so they could get to know each other at their first show together, and they did a great job, bringing home a bunch of ribbons!

Contessa Dora LR, "Contessa,"--offered for sale--also came to the show to compete in a few .90-.95m jumper classes with our friends Kiera Hennigan and Kelly Maddox! Brave and quick, she won some good ribbons in some competitive classes!

As always, big thanks to everyone involved in this crazy show! It certainly is one that everyone always remembers, and we look forward to coming back next year!

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