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Brookside Splash

If you haven't seen any hints on social media about how awesome our week was at Brookside Splash, then you're in for a treat! All of our horses and riders competed brilliantly all week and we couldn't be prouder!

Lactic and Meagan were able to take a weekend out of their busy schedule to make their 2019 debut. Although they have a bunch of success in the hunter ring, the two chose to have some fun up and down the bank in the jumper ring! After starting with a win in the Cloverleaf Medal, they also won Saturday's Ride of the Day in the Jumper ring!

Kairo and Brittany came to their first show as "official" partners! Not only did they qualify for the SAHJA Mini Medal Finals, but they made it into the work-off and finished 3rd place!

Woody Allen and Jody have already won both SAHJA Medals, so their options were limited during the weekend! They did some equitation, but really stepped it up in the Brookside Breeze Hunter Derby, finishing 4th out of almost 50 rides!

Gertrude made her Hunter/Jumper Show debut with owner, Sarah, and they made INCREDIBLE improvement within the 4 days! They got better and better, jumping higher and higher up to 3', and even finished the show with Sunday's Jumper ring Ride of the Day!

Lego and Lauren continue to improve in the equitation ring, truly holding their own in a difficult Equitation Jr/Am Flat Challenge, and they were JUST shy of the win! However, their real shining moment was after winning 8th in the SAHJA Mini Medal Finals, when they won Champion in the SAHJA Ch/Ad Medal Finals!

Callistro and Maureen started the weekend by impressing everyone with a Derby round after one stirrup iron broke! Maureen's one-stirrup ride must have tuned her up for Saturday, where she scored an 87 in her SAHJA Mini Medal Final, as well as Saturday's Hunter 1 Ride of the Day, and finished up 4th after the second round and work-off!

Don Ole continues to practice his rounds in the ring with Nicole in order to stay tuned for his owner Nicola. This adorable horse showed his true colors this week by winning Champion in the Brookside Breeze Hunter Derby, and winning Friday's Hunter 1 Ride of the Day!

Champesino is back to the show ring with Kim, and we were so excited to see the two back together! They put in some very nice rounds, including not only qualifying for the SAHJA Mini Medal finals, but finishing up 9th on Sunday and getting to go for a (very fun and exciting) victory gallop!

TJ--offered for sale--joined the group in order to give us an idea of how he performed at shows. He started in the Low Open Hunters where he stepped over the jumps easy, swapped his leads, and got down the lines easy. With only one hunter class on Saturday, we threw him in the jumper ring where he cantered around, up and down the bank, and finished with a 1st!

Ben Ben, "Ben,"--offered for sale--also came along to see how he performed at his first show. This young horse got better and better in the Low Open Hunters and really impressed us! He is very brave, has good changes, and has a nice big step, and finished his weekend with a win in his Low Open Hunters class!

Flipper de Vie and Kathryn continue to learn the ins and outs of the hunter and equitation rings and we are so impressed at the consistent improvement! This being their first SAHJA show together, they were one point short of qualifying for the SAHJA Mini Medal, so they chose to step into the jumper ring along with the hunter ring! They came home with great ribbons in all three divisions, and we look forward to more!

With all the gratitude of success, we truly want to thank everyone who puts this show together! The staff really did an amazing job giving this show the feel of an "A" rated medal finals, and we know that everyone had a great time!

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