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Almaden Farms

Once again, we headed to Brookside, this time for the Almaden Farms show, host of the Almaden Farms Medal Finals, as well as a bunch of other featured classes!

Woody Allen and Jody had their eyes on the prize for their special equitation and medal classes this show! After starting with a 4th place in the Tallie English Eq Special 18 & over, including a high score in the gymnastics phase, they also put in three consistent rounds and a good work off to claim Reserve Champion in the Almaden Medal Finals!

Feron also came along with Jody to continue his practice in his Pleasure ring!

Lego and Lauren had too much fun at this horseshow, competing in the jumpers, hunters, equitation, medals, leadline, and golf cart contest! They won 6th place in their Tallie English Eq Special 17 & under with some great rounds! It was so much fun to see her lead Lego for the leadline, then ride in the challenging Open Hunter Derby, then hop on bareback and ride along a decorated golf cart as the Pineapple Princess!

Callistro and Maureen truly impressed us with some great rounds and fabulous riding! With a some wins and a bunch of good ribbons, we are so proud of how these two performed!

Kairo and Brittany continue to build their partnership in the 2'6" and 2'9" rings! They narrowly missed the ribbons for the Tallie English Eq Special 18 & over, but still got to gallop for winning the high score in the Over Fences round! They also finished in the hunters with a Champion in the Low Adult Amateur Hunters!

Flipper de Vie and Kathryn are also in the process of building their partnership in all three rings, and we get to see them improve every time! Despite not competing in equitation before this year, Kathryn put in some solid rounds in order to claim 8th place in the competitive Tallie English Eq Special 18 & over!

Alpenglow partnered up with Mindi for her first horseshow in decades, and they had so much success! Not only did they win Reserve Champion in the Low Adult Amateur Hunters, but they also won the very first Randolph Family Hunter Derby! It was so great for one of our riders to win this great derby sponsored by the family of one of her teammates!

Big thanks to the entire staff at the show and Brookside! We sound like a broken record, but we always have so much fun and are so grateful!

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