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Wine Country Classic

Busy, busy, busy we've been with back to back horseshows, but I've finally gotten to sit down and update you all on what we've been up to! Wine Country Classic is one of our favorite shows each year, and we brought quite the crowd with us!

We made friends with Rachele and her horse, Mitos Commanding Joy, this show and the two of them made huge strides from the first to the last day! Rachele not only claimed a bunch of good ribbons in the .85m and .90m classes at their first show in quite a while, but also took home Reserve Champion in the .85m jumpers!

Jody and Woody Allen once again won the Art Gottfried Medal, a competitive 2'9" competition that they enjoy riding in each year! They also came home with Reserve Champion ribbons in Amateur Equitation and Modified Ch/AA Hunters!

Jody also brought Feron to compete in the pleasure and under saddle classes, taking home a bunch of ribbons, including a first in Pleasure Geldings!

Champesino continues to step back into the show ring with Andrea and Kim, moving up to the 2'9" hunter divisions. Kim did a great job leading him around the MDC Stirrups Jr/Am Hunter Derby on Saturday, and brought home multiple ribbons and a qualifying first place in the SAHJA Mini Medal!

Callistro and Maureen are still rocking the 2'6" hunters in their awesome year, locking down a first in the combined Warm Up 2'/2'3"/2'6" Hunter class, as well as a handful of other ribbons!

Lego and Lauren did a great job in their Equitation classes, claiming Champion in the Jr Equitation. The two found themselves short on classes on Sunday, so they chose to step back into the jumper ring and win a 3rd place in the MDC Stirrups 3' Jr/Am Jumper Classic!

Gertrude and Sarah had the opportunity to join us once again and show us just how much they've improved since the last show they came to! They had a bunch of consistent rounds, impressed us all, and came home with a bunch of great ribbons!

Maddie got to head to her first show with her new partner in crime, City of Light, for her first time riding in cantering and cross rail classes! We have loved getting to know this pony, and he is helping her make impressive strides in her riding education! The two came home with a bunch of ribbons, including a first in her second jumping class EVER!

Flipper de Vie and Kathryn truly took our breath away at this show, as the two of them are truly clicking in their partnership! Despite both of them spending the last years as jumper competitors, they won a bunch of classes to claim their first Champion ribbon together in the Jr/Am Handy Hunter division!

Bunbury Coral, our resident lesson pony, got to head to a show with her bestie, Audrey, to rock the Walk/Trot division! Audrey's first show out of lead-in brought her 6 firsts out of her 8 classes, so impressive!

Katheryn also got to bring her new partner, Looks Like Rain, to this show, and the two of them got better and better the more they competed! A TOTALLY different ride from Flipper de Vie, Katheryn learned this mare's stride and demeanor and wound up winning a bunch of ribbons in all her classes!

We also had the pleasure of welcoming Sara and her horse Merlin into our barn for this show, and they competed in the .90m and .95m jumpers. The two had some good rounds on Friday, but brought their A game for the MDC Stirrups Jr/Am Jumper Classic and took a 5th place ribbon!

For those who didn't see, our friend Marcia from Marcia's Mares donated a wine cork horse wreath for us to raffle off to anyone attending the Wine Country Classic horse show! Thanks to a bunch of friends who shared pictures of them having fun during the weekend, our friend Ashley Miller won and got to take home this beautiful piece of art! Congratulations!

Big thanks to everyone who worked this show--it was truly so much fun and ran so smoothly! Thanks to Marty and MDC Stirrups for putting it on, and we can't wait for next year!

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