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Leones SAHJA Tie-Breaker Show

With a few horses hunting points, and a few hunting for new homes, we loaded up two trailers to head over to Leones for the annual SAHJA Tie-Breaker horseshow! We had so much success over the two days and are so proud of our horses and riders.

Aplenglow and Mindi had the chance to team up one more time this year and get a little more experience in the show ring. They learned a lot and put in some good rounds!

Callistro and Maureen continue to rock the Low Ch/Ad and Low Open Hunters! They finished Champion in the Low Ch/Ad Hunters, and Reserve Champion in the Low Open!

Woody Allen and Jody met us at the show so that they could put in some Amateur Equitation rounds! Consistent as always, they finished up Amateur Equitation Champion.

Kairo and Brittany had some great rounds, and even competed in the 4 part SAHJA Medal Challenge. They came home with some good ribbons and a high point award for the written phase!

Contiro, "Shawn,"--offered for sale--came to show how he performed at a horseshow. He hasn't been to a show for a year and a half, and has only competed one other time. That being said, he was great and had the mindset of a made show horse! Shawn even won his very first handy hunters class, and won a second in the $100 Low Open Hunters class! He also proved himself to be kind for new riders--Lauren came to ride in the Junior Equitation Flat and Mindi rode him in the Amateur Equitation Flat! Neither of them have ever ridden him, but his great mind and easy gaits made it easy for them to figure him out quick! Find more information on Shawn here.

Bodega Sky, "Bodega,"--offered for sale--also tested out his talents at this, his first show! Brave as ever, he barely pricked an ear at the new jumps and he really learned a lot! This young horse is truly going to make a lovely horse, and he is definitely ready to move up! Find more information on Bodega here.

Atlanta came along with Olivia to help her gain a few more miles in the hunter/jumper ring. Olivia gets to compete in other disciplines, but doesn't have the opportunity to show in hunter/jumpers very often, but she kicked butt like she has been doing it forever! The two of them put in some awesome rounds and we are so proud!

Don Ole continues to step around the Low Open Hunters and keep tuned on his skills! With a few firsts, including a win in the $100 Low Open Hunters class, he was able to take home Low Open Hunter Champion!

All our horses and riders made this weekend so much fun, and we are so proud of everyone!

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