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Silicon Valley Equestrian Festival II

Not usually on our show calendar, Woodside called Dreamland Farms to it by hosting the CPHA Child/Adult Medal Finals this year! Andrea, Lauren, and Kathryn headed down and did a great job representing our barn!

Flipper de Vie and Kathryn got to play in both the hunters and the jumpers at this show, constantly learning and improving! The two of them put in some good rounds and came home with good ribbons in tough classes!

Lego and Lauren worked hard to qualify for the CPHA Ch/Ad Medal and they gave it their all! With some good ribbons during the week to send them into the finals, they moved up from the first round and finished 4th in the Medal Finals!

Looks Like Rain took Kathryn through the hunters and equitation while Flipper stepped back into the jumper ring a little bit, and she continues to shine! She and Kathryn learn a little more about one another each time they step into the ring, and they won a bunch of good ribbons with great competition, and even claimed an 11th place ribbon in the Pre-Child/Adult Hunter Classic!

Andrea did a great job taking this team all the way to Woodside by herself--horses, live-in trailer and all! So glad they all had fun and rode great!

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