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Fall Festival

We left MEC and headed straight to Brookside for the Fall Festival and Cloverleaf Finals! It was kind of neat turning this show into a big SAHJA show, and we had a great show!

Woody Allen and Jody spent their show in the AA Hunter and Amateur Equitation, finishing Reserve Champion Amateur Equitation!

Jody also partnered up with Feron for the 2'6" Hunters, where they put in some good rounds. They also finished Reserve Champion in Pleasure!

Lego and Lauren were our representatives in the Cloverleaf Medal Finals, along with their other classes, and they brought some great ribbons home! They finished 3rd in the Cloverleaf Medal, 8th in the Cloverleaf Jumpers, Champion in the Junior Equitation, and Reserve Champion in Children's Hunters!

Champesino and Kim had the chance to join us this show, and they didn't disappoint! After winning in the Open 2'9" Hunters with Andrea, he and Kim won some great prizes in the Child/AA Modified Hunters!

City of Light continues to help Madeline learn her way around the ring, and there was so much improvement! They won both of their Warm Up Crossrail classes, along with a handful of ribbons in the Mini Stirrup!

Bunbury Coral helped Audrey go around her first poles classes at this show! They won a couple classes, and brought home some other great ribbons!

Don Ole returned to the 2'6" ring for this show, and not only won a class, but also finished Champion Open Hunters 2'6"!

Callistro and Maureen continue their show streak with some great ribbons in the 2'6" hunters!

Flipper de Vie and Kathryn keep on improving in both the hunter and jumper rings, winning great ribbons in both, and finishing Reserve Champion in the .90m Jumpers.

Looks Like Rain also came with Kathryn to continue their practice in the 2'6" hunters. After winning Reserve Champion in the Open Hunters 3' with Nicole, she performed beautifully for the rest of the week!

Lauren also had the opportunity to ride sale horse, Monarch Bay. "Remy" quickly became a favorite after hauling in to the show on warm up day and marching around all three rings beautifully! Lauren and Remy learned each other quickly and finished winning some great rounds!

We also had the chance to head back over to Murieta to watch the World Cup Qualifier at the Sacramento International Horse Show! We always have so much fun watching these incredible riders!!

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