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Fall Finale

As always, we stayed at Brookside for the second week of fun! Even though it wound up being a smaller show, we can't thank the staff enough for still giving us their all! Everyone still treated it like it was a big show, we just got to sleep in a little bit, which no one complained about! The hunters had the chance to ride in the big ring, which was different, but fun! Thanks to everyone involved in this show!!!!

Woody Allen and Jody stuck around specifically for the NorCal Equitation Classics and the Zone 10 Stirrup Cup Challenge. They put in some great rounds, finishing 4th in the NorCal Equitation Classics 18 & over and 3rd in the Zone 10 Medal Challenge!

Feron teamed up with Jody too for his 2'6" hunters and pleasure. After some very good rounds, they finished Reserve Champion Pleasure!

Lego and Lauren were riding for success this show, and they certainly did! They not only were Champion Equitation 15-17 and Reserve Champion in the Childrens/AA Hunters, but also finished 4th in the NorCal Equitation Classics 15-17 and Reserve Champion in the Zone 10 Medal Challenge!

Champesino and Kim returned with their eyes on the prize, winning some awesome classes and qualifying for the Almaden Medals next year!

Callistro and Maureen rocked the 2'6" ring, winning Reserve Champion Low Ch/Ad Hunters!

Flipper de Vie and Katheryn continue to rock the jumper ring, winning her .85m classes!

Katheryn and Looks Like Rain really made some huge strides this show too! After winning Reserve Champion USHJA Hunters 3' with Nicole, she also qualified for the Almaden Medal and won Champion Low Ch/Ad Hunters!

Cassl Coeur Z joined us at the show to step back in the show ring after being leased for 6 months. He came back like a pro, winning his first 1.10m class in months, and claiming Reserve Champion 1.05m jumpers!

Contiro, "Shawn"--offered for sale--also joined us for his first rated show, and second show ever! Due to his lack of show miles, we kept it easy for him and left him in the 2'3" and 2'6" hunters, where he stepped around easy, got his changes, and won a bunch of classes, as well as Reserve Champion 2'3" Hunters! Lauren also rode him for just the second time in her Junior Equitation one the flat class and she won! Find more information on Shawn here.

Halladio and Andrea got to come to another show, were they did such a great job, winning a class and in the top three of all of their Performance classes!

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