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Almaden Farms

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Back to Brookside we went, despite the hot weather forecast, but we certainly did our best to stay cool and have a great time! This show was perfect for our group of 2'9" riders, but our whole barn found fun things to do!

Woody Allen and Jody continue to put in solid rounds in their equitation and medals. After a weekend of solid scores, the two of them finished Champion in the Tallie English Eq Special 18 & Over!

Callistro and Maureen spent their weekend focused on the Pam Poulsen 1-2-3 and Tallie English Eq Special classes. The courses were challenging, but they learned a lot and rocked it with a double win in the 55 & over Hunters!

Lego and Lauren return to the show ring, starting the weekend practicing the jumpers and finishing with some solid medal and equitation rounds! Three solid scores got them a Top 10 placing in the Almaden Medal Finals!

Lord Milow and Linda made huge strides at this show! Not only did they win one of the Long Stirrup Hunters, but they also stepped it up and won one of their Jr/Am Hunters 2'3" rounds!

Flipper de Vie and Katheryn continue to amaze us as they gain experience together in the jumper ring! Not only did they finish Top 10 in the $2000 Julie Gray Jumper Classic, they finished Reserve Champion in the three part $2000 Brookside Jumpers class!

Zerina also teamed up with Katheryn for the hunters and medals this weekend. After winning Reserve Champion in the USHJA 3' Hunters, Katheryn brought Z into all of her 2'9" Medal and Equitation classes, where they had some shining moments!

Bunbury Coral and Audrey get better and better as they put in more rounds. They won some great placings in their Mini Stirrup and Crossrail classes, and even finished the weekend with a Championship Pleasure class they won!

Lambis Z and Mindi were able to join us again to continue their rides in the 2'6" Hunters. After some good rounds, a few wins, and a Top 10 placing in the $3000 Randolph Family 2' Derby, they finished Reserve Champion Low Adult Hunters!

Halladio and Andrea came back to get their 3'3" Performance rounds in. They have certainly not lost their touch, putting in some beautiful rounds and winning good ribbons in great company!

Kairo and Brittany are still learning and rocking the 2'9" hunters and medals. They put in a bunch of great rounds, finishing Top 10 in the competitive Tallie English Eq Special 18 & over!

Don Ole got to pair up with Nicola for the weekend and they did so great! He won Champion USHJA 2'6" Hunters during the week, then won some great ribbons in the Long Stirrup, and put in a great round in the $3000 Randolph Family 2' Derby!

City of Light and Madeline are truly clicking, with some awesome riding and great ribbons to show! The two of them also tackled the $3000 Randolph Family 2' Derby, which proved to be challenging, but they came out learning a lot and coming out a better team!

Florida started the week winning Reserve Champion USHJA 2'9" Hunters before Amy was able to come show on Thursday afternoon! With a more recent past in jumpers, the pair of them figured out the hunter ring together and finished with a 2nd in the Low Adult Hunters!

Galileo, "Owen,"--offered for sale--returned for the Green 3' Hunters. He proved that Beach Party was not a fluke, as he won one of his warmup USHJA 3' Hunters, and two of his Green 3' Hunters, leading to a Champion in the division!

The Dreamland team also pulled together and decorated the Delphey golf cart in a Wild West Theme! Lego, Paris, and Coral joined in on the fun too! Our riders are so creative!

Yes, it was certainly hot! But everyone pulled it together and had a great time! Thanks to the staff for keeping everyone COVID safe and showing us a fun event!

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