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Beach Party

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Every year, we head to Beach Party with a big group of horses and riders to compete in all of the fun classes. We were so excited that this year proved to be no different, just with a few extra rules to keep everyone safe! The staff made a great effort to keep everyone abiding by the COVID-19 guidelines, making sure masks were available, and consistently reminding everyone what must be done in order to keep the shows going!

Woody Allen & Jody looked forward to the Ken Cohen Palm Tree Equitation Classic, putting in three awesome rounds! She finished Reserve Champion and we were so proud of her riding!

Feron also paired up with Jody to continue their work in the Low Adult Hunters and Pleasure. With rides that got better and better as the week went on, they finished Reserve Champion English Pleasure!

Lord Milow & Linda came back to show off everything they learned at Brookside Splash the prior week. After winning Champion USHJA 2'9" Hunters, Milow partnered back with Linda to put in some good rounds, including a win in the Long Stirrup Hunters!

Flipper de Vie & Kathryn keep getting better as they step up to the 3' Jumpers! After a super impressive, and qualifying, round in the Cloverleaf, they put in some great smooth .90m jumper rounds!

Callistro & Maureen are settling into their new division in the 2'9" Hunters, and they sure are enjoying it! The two of them had some great rounds in their hunters and the Ken Cohen Palm Tree Equitation Classic!

Candalero & Kim wanted to just have fun this show, competing in the little jumpers! These two put in some nice tidy rounds, and sure looked like they were having a good time!

Champesino also helped Kim win some great ribbons! After some great rounds in the USHJS 3' with Andrea, he and Kim rode great in the Modified Child/AA Hunters and won a Top 10 ribbon in the Ken Cohen Palm Tree Equitation Classic!

City of Light & Madeline came back to improve on everything they learned at Brookside Splash. These two weeks were fantastic for this pair, as we saw some incredible improvement! They even won two of their Short Stirrup classes!

Bunbury Coral & Audrey also blew us out of the water with how much they have grown! They got a little extra practice in their flat classes, and then got back to work with some great rounds in the Mini Stirrup!

Arezzo, "Ari,"--offered for sale--came to the show so we could see how he performed. We weren't disappointed, with him winning one of the big USHJA 2'6" Hunters, and two Low Adult Hunters with Amy on the weekend, winning Champion Low Adult Hunters! Ari was great to work with, needing no morning prep and no lunge. He is quiet, has plenty of stride to get down the lines, very brave, good changes, and definitely catches the judges attention!

Halladio returned to the show ring with Andrea, and he was ready for it! He jumped beautifully and the two of them put in some impressive rounds in the Performance 3'3" Hunters!

Galileo, "Owen,"--offered for sale--is another great sale horse that proved his talent in the show ring! He started in the Green 3' Hunters, winning one of them and great ribbons in the rest, finishing Champion in the division! We then tested him out in the .90-.95m jumpers on the weekend, where he rode great! Owen is very brave, jumping hunter and jumper type jumps, hay bales, and up and down the bank! Despite his young age, he is very quiet, has plenty of step and scope, easy changes, and is incredibly fun to ride!

Don Ole came back this week just for a couple days to continue his practice in the USHJA 2'6" Hunters. He was great, winning a few of his classes and finishing Champion in the USHJA 2'6" Hunter division!

Zerina also came along with Kathryn, helping her grow in the hunter and equitation rings! After practicing in the USHJA 3' Hunters during the open days, she stepped right into the Modified Ch/AA Hunters and Ken Cohen Palm Tree Equitation Classic! The two of them won the Almaden Medal, and finished Top 10 in the Equitation Classic!

We understand the extra difficulty management has for horseshows due to the pandemic, and we want to let everyone know how much we appreciate the hard work. We did our best to wear masks, social distance, and we have even resorted to watching our videos each night outside on a projector! We believe that if everyone does their part to follow the guidelines as best they can, we will be able to continue showing through the year!

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