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Brookside Splash

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

After a couple months of irregular life, everyone at Dreamland was anxious to return to our first horseshow! Almost every one of our riders jumped on the chance to come to this awesome SAHJA show, and all of our "quarantine practice" paid off!

Lord Milow came back--only the second show with Dreamland--and he had to put his big boy pants on and perform in the big ring! Between the bank and the tall judges box, the jumper ring at Brookside can be intimidating, but Milow figured it out and won good ribbons, including two firsts in big classes during the open days! He then rejoin with his mom, Linda, and the two of them performed great in Hunter 2, including a win in the Long Stirrup Hunters!

Woody Allen and Jody only had a handful of classes, but they certainly saved all their awesome energy for those classes! They finished in the top 10 of the super competitive Brookside Breeze Hunter Derby on Friday!

Jody also brought Feron for the 2'6" and the derby. With a bunch of good ribbons in all their classes, they came home with a first in the Low Adult Hunters U/S!

Flipper de Vie and Katheryn were ready to step up to the 3' jumpers, and we are so happy we made that decision! The two of them had some awesome rounds, including a win in the .85m, but some incredible rides in the bigger classes!

Zerina also paired up with Katheryn for the 2'9" hunters, where the two of them continue to perfect the hunter and equitation rings! Every day got better, and they finished with a win in the Almaden Medal class!

Callistro and Maureen continue to step up to the 2'9" hunter and medal ring, with a few wins in their warm up 2'6" rounds, and a truly impressive first SAHJA Mini Medal round! They narrowly missed the ribbons in the finals, but everyone who saw them remembers how incredible her first inside turn was!!!

Kairo and Brittany were eager to get back to showing, and we can't wait to see where this pair goes this year! Kairo stepped around the big ring like a champ, and Brittany won a few firsts to add to her collection!

Bunbury Coral and Audrey step up to the Mini Stirrup classes this year, and even though the added challenge of cross rails will bring along a new level of difficulty, we can't be prouder of how these two have grown together! The two of them are figuring out their lines of communication between canter and trot, and we can say with certainty--when they start speaking the same language, they are going to be INCREDIBLY tough to beat!!!

City of Light and Madeline have made HUGE improvements since last year in the Mini Stirrup! This year they are taking on Short Stirrup and Pony Hunters. After this first show, we have to tell everyone to watch out! They have clicked in these last two months, finding distances, leads, and strides, and they are the ones to beat!!!

Lambis Z has spent some time helping us with lessons at Dreamland, but we were excited to see Mindi bring him back to the show ring! He absolutely remembered his job, and the two of them look so great in the ring together! After brushing some nerves off, Mindi and Lambis pulled off their best round in the class that mattered--the Brookside Splash Jr/Am Hunter Derby! They won Champion in the class, making us so beyond proud of them both!!!

Champesino and Kim also had some time off, but stepped back into the show ring like they did it yesterday! These two fit each other so well, and put in some fabulous rounds, including a Top 10 ribbon in the SAHJA Mini Medal Finals!

Don Ole showed up to continue his career in the 2'6" hunters, but also got to play around with Nicola in the lower hunters too! After rocking it by winning Champion in the Brookside Breeze Open Hunter Derby on Friday, he was happy to partner up with his mom and win in the X-rail hunters and Long Stirrup! Great job!

Cabernet is a fabulous young horse who came with us to the show with his owner Tara. Only 4, going on 5, he was faced with the challenge of the jumpers in the small ring, as well as the hunters! He stepped around both rings and made huge strides each day, and he and Tara are going to make a great partnership as the two of them grow together!

Coer de Lion, "Cort," was fortunate enough to come to the show with one of our amateur riders, Peyton, with the hopes of qualifying for the SAHJA Ch/Ad Medal Finals. Not only did the two of them qualify, but they also won a Top 10 ribbon in the Brookside Breeze Open Hunter Derby, and closed out the weekend by winning Champion in the SAHJA Ch/Ad Medal Finals with an incredible workoff against three other awesome riders! We are so proud!

Last, but absolutely not leased, we were excited to have our good friend Kathy riding with us with her horse Asterisk! She has brought this young horse along every step of the way, and we were so happy to get to help them continue their success!

Big applause to the staff for keeping this show an organized and safe environment! We know this is such an odd time for our industry, but we so appreciate all the efforts put in to make sure our horseshows continue!

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