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Fall Festival & Fall Finale

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The chaos of the year certainly put a damper on the social events that everyone loves about Brookside, but that didn't stop everyone from having a great time to finish the show season! Fall Festival managed the poor air quality so well, with exhibitors and management staying organized in order to get every day complete early in order to get everyone out of the smoke. We can't thank everyone enough for making it a show worth coming to!

Feron and Jody hauled in for the weekend under saddle classes. They came home with a handful of firsts and a few other good ribbons!

Lambis Z and Mindi had the chance to come to one more show, and they knocked it out of the park! These two don't get to show much, but they remembered everything they learned from earlier in the year and they improved so much! They won a bunch of classes, and was also Reserve Champion in the Acorn Equitation Classic!

Lord Milow and Linda continue to work on their experience in the Long Stirrup, but also stepped up into the 2'3" Acorn Equitation Classic! They won a bunch of classes for their Long Stirrup points, and also won 11th place in the Acorn Classic!

City of Light and Madeline won 1st or 2nd in all of their regular over fences classes, and also put in some great rounds in the Fall Festival Hunter Derby! With two solid scores, they finished 3rd!

Bunbury Coral and Audrey competed in the SAHJA Mini Stirrup, as well as the Pleasure. They brought home a variety of good ribbons, including a couple firsts!

Hugo D, "Hugo,"--offered for sale, now SOLD!--came with us in order to gain more experience in the hunter ring. Out of all of his 3' Open Hunters, Cloverleaf Medal, and .90m and .95m Jumper classes, he won nothing but firsts and seconds! In a last minute decision, we also entered him in the Carolyn Atkinson 3' Hunter Derby on Saturday evening! This jumper was thrown into something completely new, but he handled it so well, and scored an 82 in the handy round, winning Reserve Champion!

Gertrude and Sarah also got to head over to the show on Friday and stay through the weekend, and they made some great strides! This is another pair that doesn't get to compete very often, but we were so happy to see that they remembered what they learned from their last show! The two of them worked with one another and dealt with each others nerves so well, and they were even able to help fill a Grebitus Cup team that needed one more member!

Fall Finale brought just about the entire barn, as everyone wanted to experience Brookside's final hunter jumper show of the year!

Proud Diamond Lad, "Moose,"--offered for sale--had the opportunity to come show his behavior in competition with Amy D. This gentle giant is wonderfully quiet and brave, so we weren't surprised to see him remain level headed and calm, even in a show environment! The two of them were able to finish the weekend in the .90m jumpers, and also won Reserve Champion in the .80m Jumpers!

Hugo D came back this week and got to stay in the jumper ring that he knows so well! He won some good ribbons in the .95m Jumpers and Cloverleaf Medal with Amy Y, and even finished the weekend Reserve Champion in the .95m Jumpers and 1.00m Jumpers!

Callistro and Maureen showed up for the 2'9" Hunters over the weekend. After working through some difficulties in the small ring, Callistro got to gallop around the big jumper ring with Amy Y, where Hunter 1 was held, and did great!

Sportfield Condi, "Condi,"--offered for sale--was able to come and show us his attitude in competition, and he got better every day! This brave gelding was up for anything, had a mellow head on his shoulders, and finished Champion in the 1.00m Jumpers! Condi has plenty of jump for more, a nice big stride, and automatic lead changes!

Flipper de Vie and Kathryn truly impressed us, competing in their first medal finals! They moved up to the 3' this year, so the Cloverleaf Finals was truly a challenge, but we were so proud to see how they handled it! They had some of their best rounds to date, including a competitive $2000 Cloverleaf Jumper round, winning 3rd place to 2 very speedy rides!

Kathryn also brought Zerina to this show, and got to take advantage of the big ring as the 2'9" hunter ring too! After winning Reserve Champion in the Low 3' Hunters, they won some good ribbons in their Modified Ch/Ad Hunters and 2'9" medals!

Feron and Jody trailered in once more, winning a few pleasure classes, including the $250 Pleasure Championship class!

Cabernet and Tara showed us they are ready to move up, jumping around the 2'6" hunters with ease! Due to the schedule, they even had to step into the big ring on Saturday. Despite not getting to school in the ring, the two of them stepped around the jumps like they have been doing it for years!

Lego and Lauren certainly brought home quite the stash from this show! After winning Champion 1.10m Jumpers and Reserve Champion 1.05m Jumpers, Lego got his rider back and they rocked it! Not only did they win 3rd place in the Cloverleaf Medal Finals and the Zone 10 Stirrup Cup Medal Finals, but they ALMOST won the $2000 Cloverleaf Jumper class! They certainly set the standard for the rest of the class, and maintained the lead until the last horse and rider, who put in a great ride and just barely finished Champion! Great job to them both!

Kairo and Brittany get better every show, and won a bunch of great ribbons in the 2'9" hunters and medals. They finished the week with Champion in the Modified Ch/Ad Hunters!

Lord Milow and Linda showed off everything they learned from the first week by winning a bunch of classes, along with some other great ribbons! They even won Champion Long Stirrup and Champion in the Short/Medium/Long Stirrup Classic!

City of Light and Madeline continued to rock the Short Stirrup ring and even won 3rd place in the Short/Medium/Long Stirrup Classic! They also finished Champion in the Short Stirrup!

Bunbury Coral and Audrey found themselves with a bunch of classes, but they used it to their advantage to gain experience, and it certainly paid off! They finished the weekend with Champion in the SAHJA Mini Stirrup and the Cross Rails!

Galileo got to play around the big ring a bunch, which was a great learning experience for this lovely young horse! He won one of his Green 3' Hunters in great competition before Kenton got to come and compete, starting in the big ring too! Kenton rode him around the ring super well, and even won Champion in the 55&over Hunters!

Last, but obviously not least, Halladio and Andrea had to compete with an incredibly talented group of horses in the Performance 3'3" hunters! They won a couple good ribbons, and put in a very good derby round that fell just below the cutoff for round two!

We know how difficult this year has been for everyone to put shows on, but we want to thank everyone at Brookside for making it happen! We love this facility so much, and are so glad we still got to come see everyone! Can't wait for next year!

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