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Northern Winter Classic III & IV

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

We like to kick off our show season with Tim's Northern Winter Classic shows at Murieta Equestrian Center every year, and this year might have been the best yet! With the exception of one day of on and off light showers, the weather was FABULOUS, and the show staff kept everything running well so no one was left in the dark! Our horses were great, and our riders continue to make us proud!

Woody Allen and Jody started their season off easily with just a few classes each week. The two of them focused on the PCHA Jr/Am Horsemanship Medal and the Derby Challenge, finishing the second week with a win in the medal and a 4th in the Challenge!

Jody also brought Feron to continue his experience in the Low Ch/Ad Hunters and the English Pleasure! The two of them won Reserve Champion in English Pleasure both weeks, as well as Champion in the Low Ch/Ad Equitation the second week!

Balou D'Air, "Balou,"--offered for sale--got to come to the first week to prove to us how competitive he could be in the show ring! We kept it easy for his first show of the year and kept him at the .90-.95m Jumpers, and he didn't disappoint! Balou is game for anything and knows how to open his stride and turn and burn! Lauren also got the opportunity to ride Balou despite never having ridden him! The two of them clicked rather quickly, and Balou finished Champion in the division! Find more information on Balou here.

Mark My Word, "Fred,"--offered for sale--came to both weeks as an extra ride for Lauren in the hunter division. We saw his incredible potential and great demeanor, and we knew he would be a good looking mount for Lauren! Fred won a few Low Hunters 3', claiming Low Hunters 3' Champion! Fred is brave and has a great jump with plenty of scope to move up, auto changes, and a nice big step to get down the lines. He is quiet and has spent time in the smaller ring, but certainly shines in the main hunter ring! Find more information on Fred here.

Lego and Lauren moved up to the Low Ch/Ad Jumper division this year, and they are definitely going to be a competitive team! After a quick height adjustment round, the two of them got into the groove at the new level and moved up from 5th to 3rd place in the Low Ch/Ad Jumper Stake from week 3 to 4, and even finished Reserve Champion Low Ch/Ad Jumpers in the second week, and Champion 1.05-1.10m Jumpers the first week!

Florida--offered for sale--showed up for the first few days of the first week to test out in the 2'9" hunter ring. She performed beautifully, winning a handful of great ribbons, and giving us the confidence to give Charlie from Ligara Farms the opportunity to ride her! This pair clicked immediately and won quite a few classes, claiming Reserve Champion Low Ch/Ad Hunters and Champion Pre Ch/Ad Equitation. However, the true shining moment was in the Derby Challenge. Due to the weather, Florida wasn't able to get into the main hunter ring to school, but her quiet attitude and brave jump helped Charlie guide her to a win! The two of them scored an 82 to win the entire event! Find more information on Florida here.

Zerina and Kathryn finished last year with some big improvements, so they were ready to move up to the Pre Ch/Ad Hunters and 2'9" classes! After some great schooling rounds in the Low Hunters 3', Kathryn and Z put in some incredible rounds! These two are going to be tough to beat this year!

Callistro and Maureen also moved up to the 2'9" classes this year! The two of them stepped around the courses with a great big step and super attitudes! What was truly exciting at this show was Friday--Callistro's 21st birthday! As Maureen is an incredible 79, the two of them did was few will ever be able to do--celebrate their 100th birthday! It was a team effort, but we were able to surprise her with cupcakes at the back gate right as she finished her Almaden Medal!

Kairo and Brittany joined the "moving up to the 2'9"" club after Kairo won Champion in the 1.00m Jumper division on his schooling days! This pair has come a long way in the last year, and we are excited to see where they go! They finished up the show with Reserve Champion in Pre Ch/Ad Hunters & Equitation!

Lord Milow and Linda came the second week for their first show as a part of the Dreamland Farms team! Milow finished with great ribbons in the USHJA 2'9" Hunters on the schooling days, and then he stepped into the 2'3" hunters with Linda. After winning a few classes over the weekend, they had the points for Reserve Champion in the 2'3" Ch/Ad Hunters--however, due to low under saddle entries, the division didn't champion! No matter what, we were very proud!

Don Ole came for the first few days to keep him tuned up in the USHJA 2'6" Hunters so he is ready when Nicola is ready to get into the show ring! He was great, winning Champion in the division, and then Nicola and he got to school at the end of the day and we are so excited to see them start competing together!

Last--but most definitely not least!--Coer de Lion, "Cort,"--offered for sale--joined us at the show, after only a few weeks at our barn! We saw a lot of potential in him, but his USEF record was limited to the classes he competed in with his young owner. All we can say is WOW! when we put him in the 3' Green Hunters! He won 3 out of the 4 over fences classes, won Champion in the Green 3' Hunters, and finished 4th in the $2,500 Open Hunter Classic! He steps around the ring with a brave jump, easy loping stride, and auto lead change. We were confident in giving Lauren the opportunity to ride him in the Amateur Equitation and A/A Hunters and they did great, even winning one of the competitive Equitation classes! Find more information on Cort here.

Thanks to Tim and the staff for putting on such a great show! Can't wait to see you at the next Classics competition!

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