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Dreamland Farms has a wide array of horses listed below. For more information just click on the horses name or image. And if you have any questions or would like to try a horses, please call Andrea at 707.365.4927 or contact us here.



14.2h 2012 Welsh Pony Mare

Fancy and brave, and Violet has plenty of jump for the rated pony division!

Large Pony Hunter



16.3h 2014 Holsteiner Gelding

Brave and quiet, Charlie has a bright future in the junior and amateur rings!

3' Hunter

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16h 2013 Warmblood Gelding

Rio is very pretty, quiet, and wins in the hunter and jumper rings!

1.10m Hunter/Jumper/Eq

zappo IMG_6487.JPG

Zappo - SOLD!

15.3h 2004 Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Zappo has proven himself a winner in the jumpers, from 0.90-1.30m!

3' Jumper

faisi IMG_6382.JPG

Faisi - SOLD!

16.3h 2010 Warmblood Gelding

Kind and brave, Faisi has the potential to win in any ring!

1.10m Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Ben - SOLD!

16h 2014 Warmblood Gelding

Ben is super flashy and has a quiet ride and a brave jump!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq

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Pretzel - LEASED!

16.1h 2011 Selle Francais Gelding

Pretzel has a fun jump and he's a great age to help someone move up from the lower jumpers!

1.20m Jumpers


Czechers - SOLD!

16.3h 2005 Rhinelander Gelding

Czechers is the kindest teacher you could have, who still has the talent for 3'!

3' Hunter

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Marlin - SOLD!

16h 2011 Warmblood Gelding

Brave, quick, and handy, Marlin is ready for his next junior or amateur to win with!

1.30m Jumper

van standing.jpeg

Van - SOLD!

16.2h 2010 Zangersheide Gelding

Van has loads of experience to share with his new rider!

1.10m+ Jumper/Eq


Lambo - LEASED!

16.2h 2003 Holsteiner Gelding

Lambo's impressive show record makes him a perfect teacher for a junior or amateur!

2'9" Hunter/Jumper/Eq

Clyde & Tara.jpeg

Clyde - LEASED!

16.2h 2015 Holsteiner Gelding

Clyde has experience in the hunter and jumper rings, as well as lower level dressage!

2'6"-3' Hunter/Jumper

griffin Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 12.27.18 PM.png

Griffin - SOLD!

15.3h 2009 Canadian Warmblood Gelding

Griffin is kind, cute, and ideal for any ring!

2'9" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Oso - SOLD!

15.3h 2003 Hanoverian Gelding

Oso has plenty of wins in his history, and is looking to win more with his new partner!

2'6" Hunter


Bella - SOLD!

15.3h 2010 Oldenburg Mare

Bella is quick, clean, and ready to take her rider around the show ring!

1.00m Jumper

harley image.jpg

Harley - SOLD!

16.2h 2006 Oldenburg Mare

Harley is pretty and has great gaits for the hunters or dressage!

2'6" Hunter/Dressage


Condor - SOLD!

17.2h 2009 Warmblood Gelding

Condor has all the experience to help a new rider move up!

1.10m+ Jumper/Eq

musket 2.jpeg

Musket - SOLD!

17.1h 2014 Thoroughbred Gelding

Musket is a great young horse with potential in any direction!

2'6"+ Hunter/Jumper/Eventer

mikey cross country.png

Mikey - SOLD!

16.1h 2007 Thoroughbred Gelding

Mikey is safe, kind, and loves to jump!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eventer



16.2h 2011 Warmblood Gelding

Finley has a great look for his next junior or amateur in the show ring!

3' Hunter/Jumper



15h 2008 Connemara Gelding

Dash knows how to win in the jumpers with his brave jump and bold attitude!

1.00m Jumper

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Annabelle - LEASED!

15.3h 2007 Percheron/Thoroughbred Mare

Annabelle is gentle, safe, and a perfect size for someone not ready for the tall horses yet!

2' Hunter/Jumper

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Esteban - LEASED!

16.2h 2010 SBS Gelding

Esteban is simple, brave, and ready to win!

1.10m Jumper


Ziggy - SOLD!

16h 2014 KWPN Gelding

Ziggy wants to turn, jump, and win with his new rider!

1.00m Jumper

dexter IMG_0001.jpg

Dexter - SOLD!

14.2h 2008 Connemara Gelding

Cute, scopey, and brave, Dexter is a great move up from a smaller pony!

Large Pony Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Lambo - LEASED!

16.2h 2003 Holsteiner Gelding

Lambo has a lifetime of knowledge to teach a new rider the way around the show ring!

2'9" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Estrella - SOLD!

15.3h 2017 Warmblood Mare

This great young mare has a great lifetime ahead of her!

Hunter/Jumper Prospect


Quinn - SOLD!

16.2h 2010 Oldenburg Mare

Quinn is beautiful in the under saddle and over fences!

3'3" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Bella - SOLD!

16.3h 2010 Westphalian Mare

Bella is a star, whether in the hunters, jumpers, or medals!

3'6"+ Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Bentley - SOLD!

16.1h 2007 Thoroughbred Gelding

Brave and kind, Bentley would be useful at home or in the show ring!

2'9" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Reef - SOLD!

16.1h 2012 Thoroughbred Gelding

Kind and brave, Reef would be a great partner to show someone how to jump!

2'6"-3' Jumper/Eventer

toasty IMG_2417_edited.png

Toasty - SOLD!

16.2h 2015 Warmblood Mare

Toasty is a talented young horse with a bright future in any ring!

3'+ Hunter/Jumper

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Clint - SOLD!

16.1h 2013 Holsteiner Gelding

Clint is beautiful, brave, and ready to show!

3'3" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Zac - SOLD!

17.2h 2015 Warmblood Gelding

Zac is a great young horse with potential in any ring!

3'+ Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Atlas - SOLD!

16.1h 2007 Hanoverian Gelding

Atlas is brave, quiet, and happy in any ring!

3' Jumper/Eq


Gamba - SOLD!

15.3h 2014 American Warmblood Mare

Gamba is brave, pretty, and needs a job!

2'6"+ Hunter/Jumper

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Journey - SOLD!

16h 2011 Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Cute and brave, Journey is great for a new rider looking to move up!

2'6"+ Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Wyatt - SOLD!

17.1h 2013 Warmblood Gelding

Wyatt is brave, bold, and ready to head in any direction!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eventer Prospect

IMG_0473 (1).jpeg


16.2h 2009 Belgian Warmblood Gelding

Meeko has tons of experience helping his riders in the 1.30 and 1.40m jumpers!

1.30m Jumpers

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16.3h 2009 Selle Francis Gelding

Topper has a lifetime of knowledge in all three rings to pass on to his new rider!

3'6" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Donna - SOLD!

16.1h 2008 Dutch Warmblood Mare

Donna has loads of experience in every ring, from big jumpers to cross rail hunters!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Elle - SOLD!

17.2h 2009 Belgian Warmblood Mare

Elle is super fun, with success in the jumpers and a possible future in the hunters!

1.10m Hunter/Jumper/Eq

bonnie IMG_0005_edited.jpg

Bonnie - SOLD!

17h 2009 KWPN Mare

Bonnie has been successful in the 1.00m jumpers, but has a look that could fit in the other rings too!

1.00m Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Whitman - SOLD!

15.3h 2010 American Warmblood Gelding

Whitman is brave to the jumps and happy to help a green rider!

2'6" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Winston - SOLD!

16.1h 2009 American Warmblood Gelding

Brave and poised, Winston makes a great learning three ring horse!

2'9" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Bowie - SOLD!

17.3h 2010 KWPN Gelding

Bowie has been in all three rings, but really looks great as an equitation mount!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Blackie - SOLD!

13.3h 2010 Welsh Pony Cross Mare

Blackie is fancy, brave, and ready for a new kid!

Large Children's Pony Hunter/Jumper

journey o_f 3_edited.jpg

Journey - LEASED!

16h 2011 Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Journey is flashy, confident, and ready for any job!

2'6" Hunter/Jumper


Wyatt - SOLD!

17.1h 2013 Warmblood Gelding

Wyatt is brave to any jump, and comfortable for any rider!

1.00m Jumper/Eventer

bravo IMG_8341_edited.jpg

Bravo - SOLD!

16.1h 2004 Oldenburg Gelding

Bravo is quiet and cute for the hunter ring, but brave for the jumpers!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Cali - SOLD!

16h 2010 Holsteiner Mare

Sushi is kind and quiet, with plenty of jump in a small package!

3'6" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Revi - SOLD!

16.2h 2010 Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Revi is ready to show in any ring, with a brave attitude and simple ride!

1.20+ Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Charlie - SOLD!

16h 2003 Oldenburg Gelding

Charlie has a lifetime of experience, with plenty of miles left to teach!

2'6" Hunter

fern IMG_0342_edited.jpg

Fern - SOLD!

13.1h 2014 Welsh Cross Mare

Fern has experience in the hunters, jumpers, and even walk/trot!

Children's Pony Hunter/Jumper


Ed - SOLD!

15h 2009 Paint Gelding

Ed is very kind, brave to jumps, and easy on the ground!

2'3" Hunter/Jumper/Lesson Horse

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Capo - SOLD!

16.2h 2006 Holstiener Gelding

Quiet, kind, and simple, Capo can be successful in any ring!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq

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