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Dreamland Farms has a wide array of horses listed below. For more information just click on the horses name or image. And if you have any questions or would like to try a horses, please call Andrea at 707.365.4927 or contact us here.

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16/1h 2007 Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Ollie is versatile and extremely kind, happy to show his rider how to succeed in any ring!

3'3" Hunter/Jumper/Eq



16.2h 2015 Hanoverian Gelding

Escher is a brave green horse with great potential in all three rings!

Hunter/Jumper/Eq Prospect



17h 2016 Czech Warmblood Gelding

Ferris is super brave, has good changes, and is ready to start his US show career!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq



16.3h 2014 Holsteiner Gelding

Brave and quiet, Charlie has a bright future in the junior and amateur rings!

3' Hunter

sanders IMG_8888.JPG

Sanders - SOLD!

16.2h 2011 Oldenburg Gelding

Sanders is pretty, sweet, and eye catching in the ring!

2'6"+ Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Caruso - SOLD

17h 2018 Warmblood Gelding

Caruso has all the makings for a great upper level 3-ring horse!

Hunter/Jumper/Eq Prospect

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16.3h 2016 Holsteiner Gelding

Defender is a fantastic ago for someone looking for a three ring horse to go far!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq



16.3h 2009 Selle Francais Gelding

Topper is quiet, brave, and experienced in all three rings!

3'6" Hunter/Jumper/Eq



16h 2017 Holsteiner Gelding

Luce is a talented young horse that could be great in all three rings!

2'9"+ Hunter/Jumper/Eq

leo 2.jpeg


16.2h 2016 Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Leo is brave and young, ready for any ring!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq

london IMG_9159.JPG

London - SOLD!

16h 2012 Dutch Warmblood Mare

London is bold and ready to help someone move up in the jumpers!

1.10m Jumper

amelia IMG_8417.JPG

Amelia - SOLD!

16.1h 2013 Holsteiner Mare

Amelia is ready to head into any show ring!

1.00m Hunter/Jumper/Eq



16h 2016 Warmblood Gelding

Topsy is cute, brave, and a great size for a smaller rider!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq



13.1h 2009 Welsh Pony Mare

Alley is happy to help a kid in the cross rails or win in the rated pony division!

Medium Pony Hunter/Jumper



16h 2013 Westphalian Gelding

Owen is kind, quiet, and brave in all three arenas!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq


Derby - SOLD!

17h 2017 Thoroughbred Gelding

Derby is super kind and wants a job to learn!

Hunter/Jumper/Eventing Prosp


Blue - LEASED!

16h 2010 Warmblood Gelding

Fun, quick, and kind, Blue is the perfect teacher for the jumper ring!

1.10m Jumper

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Iris - SOLD!

16.1h 2016 Holsteiner Mare

Iris is a great, pretty, young mare, ready to move up in her career!

2'9"+ Hunter/Jumper/Eq Prospect

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