Dreamland Farms has a wide array of horses listed below. For more information just click on the horses name or image. And if you have any questions or would like to try a horses, please call Andrea at 707.365.4927 or contact us here.


16.1h 2011 Oldenburg/Thoroughbred Mare

Cozette is ready for her new partner who is as game as she is!

3' Jumper/Eventer


14.1h 2005 Welsh Pony Gelding

Alex has been there, done that, and is ready to teach a new kid!

Large Pony Hunter/Jumper/Eq


17.1h 2013 Warmblood Gelding

Wyatt is brave, bold, and ready to head in any direction!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eventer Prospect

Otto - SOLD!

17.2h 2011 Oldenburg Gelding

Otto has talent, comfort, and experience to win!

1.00m+ Hunter/Jumper/Eq

Alli - SOLD!

16.1h 2011 Zangersheide Gelding

Alli has Grand Prix scope, with a great quiet mindset!

1.30m+ Hunter/Jumper/Eq

Leo - SOLD!

16h 2013 Thoroughbred Gelding

Leo is a great young horse that can go any direction!

2'9"+ Hunter/Jumper/Eq

Scarlett - SOLD!

15.3h 2013 Czech Warmblood Mare

Scarlett is a talented young mare who already has experience!

3'3" Hunter

Bravo - SOLD!

16.1h 2004 Oldenburg Gelding

Bravo is quiet, brave, and game for anything!

1.00m Hunter/Jumper

Oso - SOLD!

15.3h 2003 Hanoverian Gelding

Oso has more than enough experience in the winners circle!

2'6"-2'9" Hunter/Equitation

Fred - LEASED!

16.1h 2010 Scottish Sporthorse Gelding

Fun, safe, and simple, Fred has a great look in the ring and a fabulous attitude to work with!

3'-3'6" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


17.1h 2014 Thoroughbred Gelding

Musket is a great young horse with potential in any direction!

2'6"+ Hunter/Jumper/Eventer


16.1h 2011 Hanoverian/Thoroughbred Mare

Rubi has experience in every ring, with plenty of years to continue!

2'6"+ Hunter/Jumper/Eq

Cody - SOLD!

16.3h 2006 Holsteiner Gelding

Cody is a quiet, kind horse with a great jump and attitude!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq

Jasmine - SOLD!

11.3h 2006 Welsh Pony Mare

Jasmine is a pro at teaching her riders to rise up the ranks!

Small Pony Hunter/Jumper/Eq

Ruby - SOLD!

15h 2012 Quarter Horse Mare

Ruby is a great little horse for walk/trot to 2'6"!

2'6" Hunter/Jumper

Ghost - SOLD!

16.3h 2005 Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Ghost is pretty, experienced, and ready for any job!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq

Zappa - SOLD!

16.3h 2005 KWPN Gelding

Zappa loves to jump, and is looking for a new partner to use his potential!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq

Royal - SOLD!

12h 2008 Welsh Pony Gelding

Cute, with talent to spare, Royal is bound to be successful with a new kid in a program!

Small Pony Hunter/Jumper/Eventer

Hugo - SOLD!

17.2h 2012 Dutch Warmblood Gelding

Hugo has the stride and jump for the jumpers, but the comfort and mindset for the Eq!

1.10m+ Jumper/Eq


16h 2008 Dutch Warmblood Mare

Donna has a lifetime of experience in every show ring!

3'6" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


16.1h 2007 Thoroughbred Gelding

Mikey is safe, kind, and loves to jump!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eventer

Shiloh - SOLD!

16.1h 2006 Hanoverian Mare

Shiloh is pretty, brave, and loves to jump!

3' Hunter/Jumper

Kate - SOLD!

16h 2008 Thoroughbred Mare

Kate is game for anything in any ring!

2'6"-3' Hunter/Jumper

Moose - SOLD!

17.3h 2007 Irish Draught Gelding

Moose is the gentle giant for anyone! Brave, kind, and simple, he's ready for a job!

3' Jumper/Eventer

Archer - SOLD!

17h 2008 Thoroughbred Gelding

Archer is brave, quick, and game for anything!

1.10m Jumper

Ethene - SOLD!

2012 Holsteiner Mare

Ethene is moving up the levels quickly in Europe, and is ready for her new home to use her to her full potential!

1.30m+ Jumper

Bagheera - SOLD!

16.1h 2008 Thoroughbred Gelding

Brave and kind, Bagheera has a past in eventing but a future anywhere!

2'9" Hunter/Jumper/Eq


16h 2005 Selle Francais Gelding

Rod has a lifetime of experience, and a cool and calm mindset, making him perfect for anyone!

3' Hunter/Jumper/Eq

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